YOU ARE ENOUGH! shared by Christie Stewart

All my life I have struggled with......
.......Self Sabotage 😞

I didn't know it was self-sabotage of course, I just thought that I was being 'realistic' about myself.
Maybe it is partially due to past damaging relationships with family, friends or ex's.
It didn't matter if I was 'outwardly' successful (like with marriage, kids, business, big house, cars, and all the trimmings that success will bring), this was all about how I felt on the inside.

I was, without a doubt, my harshest critic and my worst enemy.

It's a pity that ourself is the person we have to spend the most time with
....because there is no getting away from ourself 😞

One of my biggest lessons I have had to learn in my journey has been this : I AM ENOUGH, just the way God created me.

Yes, it has been that one sentence that has made the biggest impact on the way I think about myself!!
....or what I do for other people....
....or what I earn.....
....or drive, or live in.
...or if I have a perfect body..

I AM ENOUGH just for being me, exactly the way I am. God loves me and created me...including my imperfections and wants me to use my beautiful gifts to serve and hold others a friend, wife, mom and daughter.

I'm going to repeat this daily as my declaration , because it is important!

And I reach out to you today and say ..YOU ARE ENOUGH TOO!

❤️ Christie Willett Stewart

Kathy Mullen