Welcome to Mullen's Miracles Community ~ We are Miracle Makers! 


We embrace the power of community as a catalyst for change, encouraging open dialogue, empathy, and understanding.  Through our shared experiences and collective strength, we strive to create a united front in the fight against suicide, fostering a network of support that empowers individuals and instills hope in every heart we touch.  


Will you join us?


Much Love,

Kathy  Mullen, Founder



The following is a list of our official guidelines and information pertaining to our community<3

1. Make yourself at home here and please help others do the same. It is our desire to build a home in which you feel as though this is exactly where you belong and you feel empowered to extend this invitation to others.

​2. Please allow members to express their full spectrum of emotions without judgment, correction, shame, or guilt. Focus on listening first, assume the best, seek understanding, and empathize with others.

3. This group is not designed to be a substitute for real-life relationships. If you do not currently have a community or network, please begin to seek and pray for this without delay!

4. Please be respectful of all Community Group Members, Hosts, and our Leadership Team. We are all here for a common purpose and are committed to creating an environment that is as safe as possible and feels like home for everyone. Part of this is also using  appropriate channels of communication. 

5. Protect the privacy of those in your group(s). Do not share personal content from the group without the expressed permission of the person who shared. 

6. This is a troll-free zone. We will not tolerate bullying, discrimination or other related inappropriate behaviors. Please notify your Host or a Leadership Team member if you experience anything like this. We reserve the right to delete any content we deem offensive or inappropriate, as well as to remove any group member who does not follow our guidelines.

7. No self-promotion. We have many community members who are speakers, writers, bloggers, youtube stars, podcasters, etc. We ask that you do not use the group as a place to self-promote either with new posts or in the comment section. This would include sharing links to your work or social media platforms. If you have newly published a book or would like to in some way share something you think would be highly valuable and fit the goals of the group, please share this with your Host and we would love to consider adding your work to our member resources!

8. No crowd-funding. We do not allow the posting of gofundme, you caring, indiegogo, etc. We have no way to vet all causes and organizations and would need to if we were going to allow this.

9. No volunteer crowd-sourcing. If you are looking for volunteers to blog, speak, contribute to an article, etc, know that we do not allow that in the group. We do not want to exhaust our members with requests for free emotional and physical labor. If there is something specific for a broad platform that you need volunteers for, please contact your Host and we can put you in contact with people. If you are searching for people for a paid position, please contact your Host for this as well.

10. If you have questions or comments, please reach out to us at [email protected] We ask that you use official channels including email listed and our community platform to communicate with our Leadership Team and Hosts. Please do not use social media and direct messages unless you have first been granted permission from the party you are contacting. Thank you in advance for understanding!


A photo of close family and friends attending Eric Mullen's private Celebration of Life, 12.14.2018, Cedar Rapids, IA