Unraveling Trauma: Finding Peace From Within

I am sharing a Facebook post from Megan, with her permission. We met Megan through Anton Vannelli, both are dear friends. Anton has been more than a gift and blessing to many - starting with saving Megan, his bride, myself and many, many others.

In sharing stories, I always pray it will encourage another and help more people realize they are not alone through their pain.

Megan Elizabeth
July 30 ·
This post is to say two things:
If you are being harassed by someone, SAY SOMETHING. It sucks, it’s hard, and it’s terrifying. Do it. If you need support please message me, if I don’t have an answer I will help you find one.
Severe anxiety is OK. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. There are answers. Again, if you need support…I am here. Whether you choose the path I did or take your own, I am here.
1 year ago I thought I was sick.
I thought I had some virus or something.
I didn’t think it was that serious at all…until it was.
I had anxiety to the point my eyes started going blurry first. My ears next. I couldn’t drive my own car. I couldn’t go for a walk outside. I couldn’t read street signs. I called my managers in tears multiple times because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t function. I got lost in the city I grew up in because I couldn’t recognize any part of town and had to pull over in random places while having panic attacks behind the wheel. I was not a human being and I fully believe if I had been on my own I would have been committed to a hospital.
I was in bed for a month at least. I couldn’t take care of myself, work, make myself food…I thought I would never be ok. I was heartbroken that the job I had worked so hard for would be on the line. That I had “let” someone harass me to this point.
After suffering I decided it was time. I reported sexual harassment in the workplace against not only myself but many other women (that I know of.) I worked on being able to go back to work and be functional. No matter what, I wanted to prove that I could overcome anything.
I wrote an entire piece about my experience with this, read it if you’d like. You are welcome to reach out to me any time.
You’re not alone.
It’s not your fault.
Anxiety is terrifying but there are answers.

Please check out Megan's story on Atheqsystem website in the link below. Anton has a lot of incredible information as well as is available to help you!


Much love on your journey. We are here for you.


  • Anton Vannelli on 9/8/2022 3:14:28 PM

    Thank you for sharing Megan's story Kathy. She wanted to let people know that there is indeed hope and answers out there. Hope your readers find her story inspiring.

  • Kathy Mullen on 9/8/2022 3:22:21 PM

    Thanks Anton! We love hearing from our friends and community. Their struggles are real and hope and support critical as they move through life.

Kathy Mullen

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