Unraveling Trauma: Finding Peace from Within

Trauma..... I am finding it fascinating and very scary the more I learn and understand the impacts of trauma on our lives. I believe trauma is far more impacting than I understood before I was knocked to the ground because of it. I am now a student of learning how to manage trauma to stay 'on course' with life.

I personally know Anton and Megan. Anton has performed a few miracles for me in recent years which I will share at a later date in time the impact he's had on my life. Megan's story is both heartbreaking and up-lifting. Anytime you can relate first hand to trauma, anxiety, depression and the challenges of mental health as in Megan's story, you know how real it is. For me, I can feel their pain.

I was blessed most of my life not to experience the darkness of trauma until I lost Eric. After losing Eric, the only emotion I knew was dark sadness for an extended period of time. That was the hardest place I had ever experienced in my life. To think, even through months of therapy, that sadness may be the only emotion I would experience for the rest of my life. Devastating, yeah I know. I learned very quickly how lifesaving it was to get whatever help I needed and now.

Finding the right help for your individual needs isn't easy either. My advice ~ never give up and don't stop looking until you get the help YOU need.

Anton is beyond amazing. Read Megan's story. Hope is there, even when we can't see it ourselves.

Take care of you.

Much love,


Kathy Mullen

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