Recharging your Batteries.....

My dad was a pretty cool dude and one of the things he would ask me quite often was if I was recharging my batteries. As a person with lots of full plates far too frequently, dad really understood the importance of balance and knew that wasn't my strong suit.

I hope that with your Thanksgiving Dinners and family time, you have taken time to 'recharge' as we go into the rest of the year.

For us, it's been a weekend of love and reminders that life isn't easy. And that unexpected friend of grief and sadness finds ways to creep in through healing, and we have to experience it, no matter how much we don't want to.

I want you all to know that life is a blessing that comes with hardships too and I do my best to know that those I have loved deeply and lost, I also grieve deeply. Sadness has become a big part of my life, and really scary, for a time period after losing Eric, I didn't think I would ever feel any emotion but sadness for the rest of my life. That is a difficult place to be. Thankfully, with support and love, I have moved forward with acceptance yet sadness always lives in my soul. It was worth the price of love and what I gained in my life because of the experience of that love.

I had a dear friend send me this picture today. Reminding me of my dad, and I wanted to share this lesson with you......don't let sadness rule, figure out ways to move through sadness. I know my dad is looking out for all of us now, wanting to know if we have recharged our batteries.

Much love,

Kathy Mullen