Mullen's Miracles Town Hall Fundraiser

The time has come to initiate Mullen's Miracles programs and projects and make them easily accessible to help those in crisis and assist those whose lives are affected by suicide. In this initial phase, we are looking to raise $29,000 for what would have been Eric Mullens's 29th Birthday.

Eric, who lost his life to suicide on October 2, 2018, was the only son of our founder, Kathy Mullen.

Please join us to hear more of Mullen's Miracles story and our plans to help save as many families as possible from having to experience the immediate and long-term effects of suicide.

Mullen's Miracles Is Providing Individualized Options, Respective Support Systems, And Support Provisions To Those On The Edge, Those Assisting Others In Crisis And For Those That Have Lost A Loved One To Suicide.

Mullen's Miracles Is A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization Based In The State Of Georgia, USA.

Original Post: 5.22.2021

Kathy Mullen