Mullen's Miracles Impact Report

When I started Mullen's Miracles, there were many firsts for me, and I was in uncharted territory. I had no idea how to handle the loss of my only child, Eric, to suicide; I had no idea how to function with all of these new mental illnesses I was diagnosed with due to Eric's loss. Navigating how to 'be' with Eric's organ recipients while dealing with my loss and the most incredible gift of life for them was a challenge that turned into a unique and beautiful blessing. Knowing there wouldn't be any more pictures or memories with Eric - only those of the past that I have learned I LOVE to share and reshare.

I didn't know how to function and accept this thing called suicide I didn't want any part of. But I did know I had to learn how to live with this life experience. But unfortunately, I only knew of work in the Corporate world - not the nonprofit world - which no longer aligned with my life.

One thing I knew more than anything I have ever known in my life and now is cemented in my heart forever - I have to do my part, everything I could, to keep other families from this horrific experience.

It has taken longer than I wanted to get where I am going. Grief sucks big time. Learning to live a life you would have never chosen is indescribably complex. So many relationships change for lots of reasons. Sometimes, you get fired from your job via text while still on disability. Headcounts matter - I know, and I understand.

I can't put numbers on some impacts due to confidentiality in the long run. But, I know I have saved at least two lives already and impacted many others through stories, resources, phone conversations, text messages, social media, and being honest and open. The impact of the Organ Donations warms my heart deeply every day. But, that is what Mullen's Miracles is about - saving lives.

Now that my foundation is getting stronger, so is Mullen's Miracles. Our focus is on funding and building communities with specific needs through personal experiences. Implementing programs is just around the corner.

Check out our website, and create a member id to stay informed of our stories, events, resources and progress. Reach out if you can help us as we continue building this organization.

I would love to have a phone conversation, grab a coffee, and share our story at an upcoming event where suicide is a crucial topic.

I am committed to this mission.

Much love,

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Kathy Mullen

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