Mullen's Miracles 2022 Holiday Event ~ including Song|Video Pre-Release, I Keep The Light On

MM Holiday 2022 Event

What a fun afternoon in Atlanta! Mama Jan Smith's studio was the perfect venue to host Mullen's Miracles Private Video & Song Release and Holiday Event!

Mullen's Miracles 'Miracle Makers' filled the room with a beautiful tree decorated in purple lights and customized star ornaments - purple, of course! In addition, a beautiful purple, green and white balloon arch was created, highlighting purple heart-shaped balloons. A single chair was on stage, surrounded by candles representing an empty chair. As guests entered, they could write a loved one's name lost to suicide on a purple-shaped heart. A hot Chocolate bar with all the toppings and decorated sugar cookies were available to snack on.

To top it off was a beautiful PURPLE guitar signed by Ross Vannelli, Jeff Pike, Chris Blackwell, and myself to auction off. If you would like to know more about Ross Vannelli, take a moment to check him out at

Jeff Pike, co-founder and board member, opened the event by performing songs he carefully selected for this event - Lean On Me written by Bill Withers, Conversation by New England, Smile by David Gilmour, This Christmas by Peter Mayer - sharing a dialogue of how each song fit into the event.

With all of the apps available, I have found a shortage of apps to support those struggling with mental health issues. Therefore, I am honored for Mullen's Miracles partnered with Just In Time Wellness in 2022. Justin Osbourne passed away from an accidental overdose. His family has started a nonprofit,, focusing on an app to stay connected to those you love as you face mental illness or addiction issues. The app is free and downloadable, with an abundance of information and support resources. Early in 2023, this app will connect with Mullen's Miracles communities and resources. I would love to see this app on the phones of anyone who could benefit - especially teens and young adults - where resources and education can make life changes!

I spoke about the loss of tWitch and a brilliantly written article by Mel Robbins on social media posts about suicide. WOW! She really gets it!
Here's the link to her article.

I went on to share our vision - to be an effective guide to supporting those experiencing suicide crisis through education, changing the stigma, creating supportive community networks, and honoring those lives lost to suicide.

Jeff and I shared our integration of music with Mullen's Miracles and the benefits music brings to lives. In 2022 we were blessed with starting a partnership, musically, with Ross Vannelli on writing songs and creating videos supporting the various resource and community pillars within Mullen's Miracles. The three of us collaborated, creating a song and video, I Keep The Light On. We were honored to pre-release by showing the video to our guests! In addition, several guests walked away with a link to download the video by making a monthly donation to Mullen's Miracles for 2023.

To receive a link to download I Keep The Light On and a Mullen's Miracles Christmas ornament and koozie, click on our donation page and sign up to make a monthly donation in 2023. We really want you to have access to the video!!!!!

We are incrediibly honored to have the talent of Ross Vannelli engaged with Mullen's Miracles.

Then it was time to read the names on the empty chair, honoring them with a moment of silence~
Dr. James Carter
Alan Chandler, who left in 1980
Larry Cavanaugh
Phil Lawrence

It was time for the guitar auction! Our friend, George Franco, a good news auctioneer, took to the stage to help us out! Becky Holt, our dear friend of many years, had the highest bid and not only paid us but gave us the guitar back to auction again!!!

In closing, we captured a photo with those still there to capture this initial Mullen's Miracles Holiday Event!

My goal is to hold this each year with more entertainers performing, releasing more songs, and sharing success stories of our annual accomplishments - filling Mama Jan's entire studio!

THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU WHO TOOK THE TIME TO ATTEND AND MADE A DONATION! You are making a difference with our growth and impact!

I want to thank my family for donating to this event this year in place of Christmas gifts.

Special shout-out to our 'Miracle Makers' volunteers and in-kind donors ~
Ashton & Blake Schuck
Carlie Adair
Gail Waters
Julie Napier
Kelly Willis
Let's Celebrate Events
Mark Williams
Vinyard Creative Group

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We are here to help!

Much Love,

Photographer credit: Carlie Adair, Shots by Carl

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