Miracle Spotlight ~ Tod Sheley

My name is Tod Sheley, and I’m so honored to call Kathy Mullen and Jeff Pike dear friends; I totally support Mullen’s Miracles.
I’ve had some major battles with depression throughout my life, coming close to claiming my life twice...yes, I’m a survivor.

I went from writing a 5-page note telling my family I love them and bye to now writing you this letter of encouragement. I didn’t change overnight; I changed slowly day by day, realizing depression is an emotion just like happiness and that I was totally fixable. Over time with words like “ good things are on the way!” “Don’t doubt” and changing my mindset, I started to see the positives in my life regularly. I would pray without room for doubt and significant self-reflection that helped me to realize my value. My life has changed a lot, in ways I never pictured years ago.

Today, I’m a photographer and doing public speaking to overcome obstacles/disabilities /suicide/mental health awareness. I never imagined that I’d be writing a letter to the world several years ago and being raw. This is not about me; it’s about letting you know that you’ll be okay and you have the support you need.

I admire Kathy for her courage and strength. I love her passion for bringing awareness to suicide and mental health. I’m proud to call her my friend. I will be speaking on my life and overcoming challenges tomorrow @ 7 on the USA TODAY Storytellers project. Would love for you to tune in!

Original Post: 3.24.2021

Kathy Mullen