Merry Christmas 2021.....

2021..... what a year on so many levels! Miracles we never thought could be accomplished WERE! Of course, life sprinkled several unexpected challenges that have taken A LOT of focus and attention we hadn't planned, but hey, isn't that what life is?

Mullen's Miracles has made excellent progress this year amid 'life'. I look forward to sharing what 2022 is looking like soon!

In the meantime, know we couldn't be more honored and blessed without your love, support, stories, donations, and everything YOU have done to keep us going.

My life is about saving lives from suicide so your Christmases can continue being celebrated with your loved ones.

If you have in your heart to help, please consider a donation to Mullen's Miracles in memory of a loved one or join our community to assist us in 2022 to continue impacting lives one at a time.

Please take a moment of silence throughout your family's festivities, extending a prayer for families with an empty chair at the table.

All of my love, hope, and peace to you and yours this Christmas.

P.S. We have raised $47,345.51 - if you see Santa, let him know I would be thrilled to hit $50,000 (or more) for Christmas.

Kathy Mullen

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