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The right tools and support are essential, and I believe in Mullen's Miracle's success, always providing hope to those in need.

Mullen's Miracles is such a gift that would have been helpful to my family with the loss of my nephew to suicide many years ago. But unfortunately, an overwhelming component of suicide is that it can be silent. None of our family saw or felt it coming. There were no signs or clues.

'T' never missed a day of work and was a wonderful father and husband to paint the picture. Very joyful and hospitable. He was an all-around great guy to everyone.

Now that I have learned various signs of depression, I understand it is not just sadness but masking it with happiness too. I can look back in time, seeing the anxiety and depression 'T' suffered while hiding it from everyone. He was always so full of energy but showed moments of impatience. Looking back, he appeared to be running all the time like a train to nowhere - never finishing many projects, yet surrounded by chaos.

I believe that supporting Mullen's Miracles programs and philosophy can help save another's life by sharing my story. Loss due to suicide is an indescribable pain.

The more we learn, the better the world and the opportunity to save beautiful souls! Open forums and acceptance of health issues regardless of physical, mental, or emotional will help normalize many lives.

Tammy Lenoch


  • Kathy Mullen on 1/24/2022 7:07:49 PM

    Thanks Tammy !! You bring a lot to our organization and we are honored to have your support!!

    Much love,

  • Ronaldo Fraga on 1/24/2022 8:14:00 PM

    Signs are so important and can save lives. That's why Mullen's Miracles is so effective. Kathy experience these pains in her own skin.

Kathy Mullen

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