I Give Because... Libby Meier Lystiuk

Suicide has impacted my life personally in too many ways to count.

I had the privilege of sitting with Kathy on the last days of Eric’s life at the University of Iowa Hospitals.
Kathy and I talked about many things, our similar paths, and how we had tried to find help for our boys.
Mental Health is so critical in our lives, and good help is so hard to find.

At that time, Kathy had already decided that her purpose in life had shifted to doing everything within her heart and soul to stop as many families as possible from experiencing this type of loss.

Kathy made many hard decisions those last days; she blessed so many lives and families, but I believe the single most significant and impactful decision was a “Choice” that she made for herself; she chose to LIVE a whole and happy life in the name of Eric Mullen.

Mullen's Miracles was born on that day, and with that kind of driving force behind her, I believe that she will move mountains!

Watching her plans unfold, I can only imagine how Kathy will positively impact so many people.

I do not doubt that Mullen's Miracles will be successful, will help so many people, and save many lives because Mullen's Miracles was born from the heart of One Extraordinary Mom! My dear friend, Kathy Mullen

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