HEAVENLY SIGNS....... Heart Shapes for Eric, Cardinals for Dad

SIGNS..... sometimes it is all about the signs from Heaven that are all around us.

After losing Eric, I started seeing signs that I believe are messages from him letting me know he is ok and still hanging around. My signs for Eric are heart shapes. My dad is another thing; when I am looking for wisdom or support, when a cardinal is near, I believe Dad is close by too.

After attending a Collaborative mental health meeting this morning with Jeff Pike, upon returning to work, the parking lot gave me another heart! I think we are on the right path to impacting the lives of others.

I will share a few of my 'heart moments' with you!

Sometimes it truly is the little things that can brighten your day.

I'd Love to hear your 'sign' for a loved one that has passed 💜

Much Love,

Kathy Mullen

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