Flipping the Switch: Shutting Down the Fight/Flight Response, by Anton Vannelli

By a bit of chance and coincidence, my life crossed paths with Anton Vannelli, and my life continues to evolve as his work does.

Anton's number is in my phone and, at times throughout the years, has been on speed dial!

In addition to helping me through painful back and emotionally stressful issues, I love hearing about his work and impact on others. I am always intrigued by his research on mental health, leaving me fascinated and always wanting to have deeper discussions. Anton always obliges!

You can find his most recent work at https://atheqsystem.com/2023/01/flipping-the-switch-shutting-down-the-fight-flight-response/

For additional information on his work, check out Anon's website at https://aheqsystem.com. Don't hesitate to contact Anton if you can benefit from his work.

I always leave a conversation with Anton full of hope for myself and others. His passion and commitment to improving the lives of others is never-ending. I am grateful for his spirit.

Much Love,

Kathy Mullen

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