Flipping the Switch: Shutting Down the Fight/Flight Response ~ Anton Vannelli, ATHEQ Body Mastery

Anton Vannelli, founder of ATHEQ Body Mastery, continues to be a lifesaver for me for more than 4 years now.

Let me tell you, I truly treasure those that have the ability to help me (and others) live a healthier life ~ physically, mentally and emotionally ~ especially after experiencing several mental diagnosis after Eric's suicide.

My initial experience with Anton was back pain so severe I could hardly stand up. Within 1 session, online ~ not in person ~ Anton had the pain released and my movement in a restorative place and able to function. This was during COVID, making my situation even more urgent without access to in person visits, Anton graciously helped me out on a Saturday through an online visit.

Since then, I have seen Anton many times to help me with stress management, mental health stabilization; healing from trauma and emotional regulation as well as teaching me ways to help my body muscles function properly.

I have attached a link to Anton's latest article, Flipping the Switch: Shutting Down the Fight/Flight Response.


Take the time to read this and please check out other articles Anton has written. https://atheqsystems.com is a great way to familiarize yourself with Anton and his techniques.

I am a proponent in doing all I can to maintain my health naturally. In addition to Anton's intellect and success in helping so many with a variety of needs, the fact that all of his work is natural, is an additional blessing aligning with my beliefs. He has the skills to assess your needs and teaches you how to add his work as part of your self-care routines. Life becomes so much healthier quickly.

We will be scheduling Anton later this summer to speak with the Mullen's Miracles community about his work that positively impacts mental health, naturally.

Much Love,

Kathy Mullen

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