Eric's 30th Birthday...5.22.2022

Eric's 30th Birthday...5.22.2022 30, I thought you might be married or close to it, and the role of being a Grandma might be closer to my future. I knew for sure that it would be a day of family, reminiscing memories, cake, and without a doubt, ICE CREAM would be involved!

Life throws us curveballs, sometimes ones that can shatter our world when we least expect it.

Today, we will celebrate 30 differently than I had imagined. I have the hiking guide we used to research and pick out hiking spots in GA, each taking turns to choose the hike. I have your journal, a thumbprint necklace, a heart-shaped urn, and a rock that says 'smile', all reminders of you. So, we will take a hike on the Appalachian Trail with you in our hearts.

Trying to think of the best way to celebrate you today; I know you continue making an impact. However, I have a couple of reminders we all know yet lose sight of too often.

The Dash (poem)
Remember to live your dash wisely - the time between your birthdate and death date. We all have an end date, so make the most of life each day. Live in a way that creates the legacy you want.

Key to life. Hold it close. Always.

You can't buy time. And yeah, we all have the same amount of minutes every day. So make sure you spend what you have wisely.

Love yourself first, then those that matter most. Priceless gift.

Live each day with an abundance of gratitude.

Keep it more significant than yourself; life will take on greater importance in your life.

The most valuable relationship is with yourself. Nurture and care for it wisely. From your physical, mental, and intellectual health. Self-care is non-negotiable. Hang out with people who love you, especially on tough days. The ones who listen to your heart, help you grow, and support you!

Adventurous Spirit.
Adventures are the best. Be willing to try something different! Nurture your adventurous spirit. It will change your life and the lives of those around you.

It looks great on you, and you never know the impact on the person receiving it. Oh yeah, and it is FREE!

Take the picture, capture the memory.
Even if you aren't prepared and 'picture perfect,' it doesn't matter, especially when it is the last time.

Hugs, and I Love You's.
Never forget them. You never know when it is the last.

None of these messages are new; they all matter to creating a more enriching life.

Now we are off for our hike, celebrating Eric's life.

Always here for support.

Much love,
Mom | Kathy

Kathy Mullen

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