Doing The Hard Work.... Healing From The Inside Out

I have only met Courtney through Social Media although she is friends of some of Eric's dearest friends.

I have been following Courtney for some time now, following her through her darker days, while providing support and cheering her on. Her latest posts have shown significant progress and pride in her work.

With her permission, I am sharing Courtney's public post today, as I found it full of hope and inspiration.

Yeah Courtney, I will always support you and one day we will meet♡

I was going through my memories from two and three years ago today. Each day I was doing the same thing. Listening to the same sad song on repeat. My dog was comforting me. Each day I felt stuck in the life I was living. Hopeless, depressed, and thinking there was no way to escape. The SAME song came on shuffle while I was getting ready this morning. I looked in the mirror and thought.... damn, I finally did it, I finally escaped. It got worse before it got better. Way worse. Because I tried to do it my way. My way almost killed me. When I finally cried out to God and gave up control, things started getting better. I didn't see it right away. I didn't like what was happening. But I trusted Him anyways and did what I was asked to do. I still have bad days, but I am so thankful to be where I am now. Looking back I can see how far I've come. And it's truly incredible. I can't wait to see what else is in store. This is just the beginning! ♡

To all of the struggling "Courtney's" reading this message, I pray you find the inspiration you need today to get to tomorrow ♡

Much Love,

Kathy Mullen