Betrayal: a violation of a person's trust or confidence written by Eryn Eddy

I love the wisdom and lessons I gain from my dear friend, Eryn Eddy.

This post resonated so deeply with me, with Eryn's permission, I am sharing this with the Mullen's Miracles Community.

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Kathy Mullen

If you are still healing from a big betrayal then you know there’s healing to be pursued for all the little betrayals you didn’t know were below the surface.

Betrayal definition: a violation of a person's trust or confidence.

Betrayal comes in different forms I learned in my first year in trauma therapy. While I thought I was going to understand the psychology of betrayal to addiction and affairs, I learned there’s way more that happens when things become frayed.

There’s being deceived directly by another person that is more obvious but then there’s the quiet ones.

The ones like… friends that represent Jesus and abandon you. Family members that secretly and actively engage with someone that deceived you. The friends that don’t know the whole story and picked a side. The friends that picked a side knowing the whole story and all the yes’s you chose that should have been no’s.

Spiritual betrayal.
Relational betrayal.
Community betrayal.
Ownership betrayal.

But praise the Lord there are tools that can help you process to what happens amidst betrayal.

I remember asking my therapist why did I do these things I did in response to betrayal and he said… with betrayal response you exhibit symptoms of PTSD. You disassociate to survive and by doing that you make out of body decisions.

To anyone that is the observer of betrayal. Hold your observation loosely, don’t try to understand the story as black and white. It’s GREY. SO GREY. Lovingly pursue the person thats been deceived. If he or she have irrational thoughts, its not your job to make them rational but to graciously, selflessly love them. Their therapist will help them process, and if they don’t have a therapist that is specific to trauma, help them find one and maybe cover half of the first three sessions. My therapist was so expensive but he is worth every penny to my healing.

To the person that’s healing from all the many betrayals, you are loved. You are so so loved and I’m so sorry. I do believe in a God that can hold it all and heal all the many pieces of freewill that hurt your heart. Journal them all and say “God this is just to big for me to process and hold.” He will hold it.

-eryn eddy

Kathy Mullen

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