A story of healing, by my dear friend Tod Sheley.

Sharing our stories isn't always easy, taking a lot of courage and strength. I am always honored when friends are will to share their stories and even more honored when I receive permission to post.

My dear friend, Tod Sheley, a creative soul with his camera

I really debated to post this but, I wanted bring awareness for others who are also struggling.

Eight months ago decide to get off Instagram to take a deep personal journey to start working on myself. I was feeling overwhelmed with a deep creative depression that I couldn’t shake. Yes, I did said the word “depression.” It’s been SO hard for me to say that word and admit it but, it’s the only way for me to start a new shift of change in my life.
Throughout my journey these past eight months I’ve spent a lot of time working on personal things about myself, and removing unhealthy things from my life. With deep meditation, isolation, prayers, reading, journaling, and being mindful how I spoke to myself etc.

I slowly started to see the small positive changes in myself. A flower doesn’t grow overnight, and I had to realized I can’t either. I learned to appreciate the small things one day at a time. My goal was getting my camera back out again and find that creativity spark I’ve been seeking. Just takes a tiny spark to make a bonfire and I needed that spark. I did finally find it, it’s inside of me. I slowly started to take one photo a day and I was very rusty but, I was taking action, and that’s all I needed to do was take action. I take my camera with me now everywhere I go, and I might not take a photo that day but, I still have it on me.

I’m still in the process of pushing myself to get back out there, and I’m still on this journey of growth which I’m totally cool with it.

It feels good to hold the camera in my hand and feel that connection with it again. It also feels good to get back to me and get back to what I love to do. Don’t ever feel bad for doing what’s best for you and your well being. I have a lot photos to make up for lost time and I’m looking forward to taking them.

Depression is real and never feel ashamed to ask for help. Just know that you’re not alone in it and there’s help out there for you.

Please take it because you do matter.
988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
Call or Text 988

Thanks Tod for sharing your story as we all can use some healing.......and for taking care of you my friend.

Much Love,

Kathy Mullen