A note of gratitude from Mullen's Miracle's founder, Kathy

We are so honored with each of you and your continuing support of our vision ~ to be an effective guide to supporting those experiencing suicide crisis.

My heart does not want ANYONE else to be in 'the club' that no one wants to belong to - a suicide loss survivor - and certainly not an Angel Parent. At Mullen's Miracles, we provide hope and guidance through educational stories and resources; change stigma; create community networks, and honor the loved ones we have lost.

With your support, we have been able to ~

Create Mullen's Miracles Impact Report. Check it out in Mullen's Miracles Stories.

We have initiated our first partnership with Just In Time Wellness app, created in honor of Justin. The app is available to use TODAY! If you struggle with suicide ideation or know someone who does, please look into this app, download and start using it TODAY, creating your trusted support network to help you through the tough times. By January 1 of 2023, this app will be connected with Mullen's Miracles Community for additional support through community and resources. Detailed information of this app is available at justintimewellness.org

Countless people have come to me saying they don't know how to help someone struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts. I also struggled with that during Eric's crisis, quickly learning that unless you are in the middle of suicide, why would you know what to do? Our thoughts lead us to, "it's not going to happen to me," but it does; by then, the clock is ticking too fast, and finding adequate resources proved difficult. One of our primary objectives is to raise awareness through education. After researching several programs, we have chosen to offer training from the QPR Institute, QPR ~ Question. Persuade. Refer. We are finalizing our certification process to provide this program. This training is close to my heart, and you will be the first to know when it is available, targeting by January 1, 2023.

Community and Networks of people you trust and who have the education and resources available are most valuable in reducing the number of future suicides. We found a platform we love that is accessible through our website, www.mullensmiracles.org. In 2023, we will build out other communities (with a community leader) for each pillar - SIGNS, IN CRISIS, SUPPORT IN CRISIS, ORGAN DONATION, SUICIDE LOSS, WE GO ON - If you still need to create a login id, please do so! Signing in is a great way to learn more about others in our community, share your own stories, learn about the pillars we support, and find resources for your needs. Mullen's Miracles community is where you will find training programs as they are available.

Music boosts our mood and well-being, and music therapy may help during treatments for certain health conditions. - Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School, July 25, 2022

Music has become a significant part of my life over the past ten years. I can't express the growing magnitude music is integrating into Mullen's Miracles but is it just beginning and truly life-impacting. I am involved in another project with Jeff Pike, Gino Vannelli, and Ross Vannelli, allowing me to have in-depth conversations with Ross regarding Mullen's Miracles. That has led us to some newly written songs with videos by Ross related explicitly to Mullen's Miracles pillars. We are hosting a pre-release event on December 18 in Atlanta, invite-only, at Jan Smith Studio's. More to come!!! I have a secret too. Another world-renowned artist has offered to assist with Mullen's Miracles and I am genuinely thrilled to bring him into the mix of Mullen's Miracles.

What you are reading today is just the beginning of the vision for Mullen's Miracles. Every fiber of my heart and soul changed when I lost Eric, my only child, to suicide. Before I left the University of Iowa Hospital, I couldn't have fathomed my life without him and what it would take to live it. But, I DID know, without question, my legacy had far outgrown me, and my life had become a way to provide hope and guidance to those that suicide crisis had crept into their lives.

To date, we have saved two suicidal lives for sure based on losing Eric in addition to the five lives saved through organ donation, supported several others through growth and providing resources, and impacted many, many others. I won't stop as long as I am breathing.

We have raised $74,473.84 to date, for which I am genuinely grateful. Our year-end goal is to raise an additional $40,000. We were hoping you could help others from becoming suicide loss survivors.

Much Love,

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  • Donna Willis on 11/25/2022 2:11:49 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving Kathy! I am so grateful for you and everything that you do. You are an amazing human being! I feel honored that we are partnering with you and through our connection, we can spread awareness about mental health and make a difference in people's lives. Life is so precious and there is no time to wait, the way that our society understands mental health and talks about it has a lot of room for improvement. Mental health should be considered as important or even more important than our physical health. As human beings all connected to the same consciousness we are in this together. By improving our relationships with the people closest to us we can enrich our lives and build a secure foundation for the generations to come. Your dedication is awe-inspiring and it makes me feel the passion for our projects grow even stronger. The people that have passed are still with us in our hearts and they live on through us, through Mullen's Miracles, Just in Time Wellness, and everything that we do to honor the lives they lived and the deep impact that they had and continue to have in our lives. That kind of love is forever and only gets stronger with time. Love you Kathy! Thank you

Kathy Mullen

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