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This event is limited to 100 FREE t-shirts for Angel Moms, a personal gift from our founder, Kathy Mullen.


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Short-Term Mission

Bereaved Mother's Day falls on the Sunday before Mother's Day. Mullen's Miracles takes this day to bring awareness to mothers who have lost a child to suicide, recognizing and celebrating Angel moms.

Long-Term Mission

To receive your t-shirt:

Please LOGIN or create a LOGIN on Mullen's Miracles website, including your address information.
Once you have logged in, if you would like, you are welcome to honor your child by sharing their story on the website under STORIES.
Please email with your name and t-shirt size so we can drop it in the mail to you.

A Note From Our Founder:

You learn a lot when you lose a child to suicide..... starting with finding more strength than you ever have had in your life to learn how to keep living. But you keep reaching out in various ways until you find some peace, even for a while.

With the loss of your child, you become a lifetime member of a club, free of charge, created for parents that have lost a child to suicide. It is impossible to comprehend the magnitude of this experience. You are in uncharted territory—no exit strategy. Your heart aches with indescribable pain. Therapy, more therapy, different kinds of treatment, self-care, and the list goes on and on.

New terms like 'Angel Mom' and 'Bereaved Mother's Day.' Every celebration you experience from this point forward becomes very different—many even awkward. Your friend groups change, some dear friends fade away, others stay with you, and some new ones walk this new path.

Eventually, you learn to smile again. You may even notice a sparkle in your eyes returning - a sparkle you never even knew had been missing. Yet your mind and heart go uncontrollably back to memories a thousand or more times a day.


Bereaved Mother's who have lost a child to suicide will be given this gift as a remembrance of their motherhood.


May 1, 2022
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM (-05:00)

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